From manufacture to maintenance, compressed air plays an important role in the automobile industry. Servicing the automobile provides many more applications for compressed air such as painting. It is used in equipment for removing and inflating tires, in air lifts, air jacks, pneumatic grease guns, and air jets, in blowing out clogged gasoline lines, and in cleaning out car interiors.

It is also used in air guns for spraying paint or anti-rust coatings and for oiling springs. Compressed air is also employed in retreading and re-grooving tires, sandblasting and cleaning pistons, and sandblasting spark plugs. Agitating solutions for cleaning metal parts is still another use. The compressed Air always contains oil, moisture & dust particles which are common problems faced by users in this industry.

Drytech always ensure application-based quality of air offering best solution to the customers need. Drytech provides solution for the automotive industry withHeatless Air Dryer and filter combination, which can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification recommended to various recommended to Automotive industry, which results in save in energy, save in time, save in man hours with higher business profitability.   

Sequence for Product

  • Heatless Air Dryer
  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Moisture Separator
  • Duplex Filter
  • Air Receiver/ Pressure vessel
  • Coalescing filters
  • Electronic drain valve/ mechanical drain valve
  • Water/Air cooled after cooler

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